Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Family Photos

So, wow, I last posted in April?! I'll forewarn you that this post won't even try to make up for all the missed time. In fact it will probably be pretty short. Its nap time for the kids and those few hours of quiet and solitude {and laundry folding} are sacred time :)

What better way to catch you up than with photos?! We had a friend from church take some family pics in the fall and I just love them. I'm sad to admit that it took almost a whole year for Kellen's picture to make it up on our wall... but now there are lots and I love it. (Thanks Hannah!)

Kellen turned 1 on Dec. 30th and has fully moved out of the baby stage. He's walking all around and into everything and, like his sister, is sweet but stubborn. He babbles and is really trying to communicate. He love stacking things and taking things out and putting them back in. The laundry basket in the kids room is always full because he empties their drawers and tends to put them in the hamper. I'm convinced 1/2 of the clothes I wash aren't actually dirty. He is fairly good at keeping himself occupied, much better than Zoe was at that age, which has been a nice blessing. He adores his sister but is starting to realize he can annoy her; most of the time they play well together though.

Zoe turned 3 on Jan. 12th and is such a big kid its amazing. She is sweet and tender but has a definite stubborn/defiant streak. The depth of her understanding astounds us and the fact that we can have a full-fledged conversation with her is a lot of fun. She remembers things that happened this past year and loves talking about trips we've taken which usually ends with "I wish we could go there again... I really really do". She loves Curious George and Thomas trains and reading books and playing ball outside. She loves construction vehicles and doing puzzles and coloring and taking care of her doll, Stella. She loves cats and dogs, and she always says she will dream about cats at night. She loves going on dates with Daddy (or Mommy or Tia) and thinks they must include chocolate milk.

Well thats my "quick update". The laundry calls.

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  1. Your two kiddos are precious! I am glad that you all are doing well!